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Adding your store to your website

If you can add code to your website, either manually or through a CMS such as WordPress, you can embed your Missingink store right on your homepage. To get started, just copy the script below, and paste it into your website. Note: if you’re using WordPress, make sure you click the “Text” tab on post / page box before you paste. You’ll need to change one thing to make it work: 1. replace [moniker] with your store’s moniker, if you’re not sure of this, you can request it from

<script src="//" data-mistore="moniker" data-options='{"useNavigation":true,"organizeByCategory":true, "buttonStyles":{"background-color": "#58559E","color": "#DFDEFF"}}'></script>

You can also change your button colors, by selecting a background color, and text color for your buttons – just change the hexadecimal color in the corresponding in the above snippet.

Specific Platforms


  1. Follow the instructions outlined here: – and select HTML in step 2, then paste in the code above, dont forget to change moniker to your individual store name.
  2. Make sure to deselect/uncheck the display as code box.
  3. We suggest creating a private test page first, so you can check for any issues or oddities.
  4. Congratulations. That’s it, you should be up and runnung.